Hua’s current work depicts perplexing configurations of the female form. The portrait presents the figure’s inherent contradictions – it is beautiful and grotesque, enticing and repellent, capable of giving and receiving pleasure, as well as pain. The woman is the uncertain sum of parts and orifices, constructed of soft sketchy capacious curves and ominous arcs and edges.

Hua’s series was inspired by ‘teleportation gone wrong’. This, perhaps unusual, description relates to body dysmorphia, and/or physical distortions that are upheld by the mass media, through the insistent and ubiquitous portrayal of certain ‘unreal’ beauty ideals.

The ambiguous and constructed form or ‘persona’ could be seen as something imposed upon the woman by such external societal influences, or as an identity that is self-informed, created and mediated by the woman using myriad contemporary means.